Elementary Methods to Solving Integral Equations: Overview of Series

After taking a differential equations course, I reasoned that if there are differential equations, then there must be an “inverse theory” of integral equations. I was able to find a text that discussed the basics, but interestingly videos discussing this topic were scarce. So I thought I would do a (short) series on some basic methods towards solving these types of equations and perhaps apply them to a physical problem.

This series will discuss two types of integral equations:

Fredholm Equations

Volterra Equations

I will also discuss…

Symmetric Kernels and Orthogonal Systems of Functions.

Note & Status: 

This series is meant to be a shorter, supplementary series. My main focus right now is the Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiative Transfer series and once that is finished, I will move on to the Basics of Tensor Calculus series. I am doing this series on integral equations out of pure mathematical curiosity. I should have a couple of new posts up in the next few days.

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