I am a recent college graduate who has a passion for physics, mathematics, and astronomy. My degree is in Earth and Planetary Science with minors in mathematics and physics. The purpose of this blog is to serve as a medium through which I am able to document my way of understanding the topics that continue to fascinate me. Not unlike other technical blogs, in my side disclaimer, I will be using a considerable amount of mathematics and while I’ll assume the typical calculus and linear algebra, I will usually go through the more advanced mathematics.

While I was an undergraduate, I completed a number of research projects, the most prominent of which dealt with radiative transfer in a close binary star system and the magnetohydrodynamic processes in Jupiter’s core. I have pages dedicated to those two projects. I have also done more minor projects in observation and photometry of variable stars and elementary projects looking at topics such as orbital resonances, magnetic effects on planetary formation, non-dimensionalization and solution of equations of motion (numerical methods), and perturbation methods in Hilbert space (quantum mechanics).

In regards to the posts, I’m not an expert, so it is possible that I may make mistakes. I will try my best not to, but if I do please let me know. I welcome your feedback, but please be respectful.