Astrophysics & Cosmology

On this page, I will be discussing selected topics from the following texts:

Caroll B.W., and Ostlie D.A., An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics 2nd ed.,2017. Cambridge University Press 


Ryden, B., Introduction to Cosmology, 2nd ed.2017. Cambridge University Press. 

The content of this page such as topics and types of posts will vary so it is difficult to commit to a specific schedule or agenda. Additionally, this page will serve as a sort of ancillary archive of the astrophysics and cosmology topics that I cover.



Derivation of Kepler’s Laws

Proof of the Virial Theorem

…. more topics TBA


Astrophysics Series: Derivation of the Total Energy of a Binary Orbit




Derivation of the basic cosmological equations

The curvature of the Universe

Basic Cosmological Models and Parameters

Big Bang Theory vs.  More Contemporary Theories

… more content TBA


For the full details of all topics, please consult the references above.


What my goal for this is to discuss some of the questions that appear to be inherently fascinating to humanity: the evolution of the solar system, galaxy, and universe as a whole; is the universe finite, and how will it end? Concepts regarding black holes, dark matter/energy, and the Big Bang (and some other interesting theories) serve as a constant source of intrigue and will most likely remain that way due to our intrinsic curiosity as a species.

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