Basics of Tensor Calculus and General Relativity-Vectors and Introduction to Tensors (Part I: Vectors)

SOURCE FOR CONTENT: Neuenschwander D.E.,2015. Tensor Calculus for Physics. Johns Hopkins University Press.  At some level, we all are aware of scalars and vectors, but typically we don’t think of aspects of everyday experience as being a scalar or a vector. A scalar is something that has only magnitude, that is it only has a numeric […]

Monte Carlo Simulations of Radiative Transfer: Basics of Radiative Transfer Theory (Part IIa)

SOURCES FOR CONTENT: Chandrasekhar, S., 1960. “Radiative Transfer”. Dover. 1. Choudhuri, A.R., 2010. “Astrophysics for Physicists”. Cambridge University Press. 2. Boyce, W.E., and DiPrima, R.C., 2005. “Elementary Differential Equations”. John Wiley & Sons. 2.1.   Recall from last time , the radiative transfer equation where and are the emission and absorption coefficients, respectively. We can further define […]